Bringing Brands to Life


Welcome to the new world of many-to-many media.  It’s big and it’s live. 

Never have so many been able to communicate with so many others from everywhere to anywhere in real time.

What was once controlled space has giving way to a digital Wild West where ideas, opinions and messages are formed and propagated every second, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “bringing brands to life.”









Our campaigns are designed to bring your brands to life by connecting them with your constituents in ways that build preference for your company, your products and your services.

To achieve this takes the right talent, tools and processes built upon years of front line, multi-disciplinary marketing and communications experience performed at the highest levels. 


In today’s interactive ecosphere a brand is literally alive and well - or dead. There is no in-between. And a “brand personality” is not a theoretical notion, it’s a living agent with a point of view that dynamically interacts, discovers, transacts, expresses and shares its thinking with its constituents.

Just South of Madison marries strategy with creativity to offer a full range of marketing services including brand positioning, branded content, brand name and image creation, advertising and public relations across traditional and digital media.